Chesapeake Elections and Candidates


Incumbents in Italics; (Party) in parentheses

MAY 4, 2010


City Council Name Web Site

(5 positions)       John M. de Triquet (I)

Ella P. Ward (I)                            []

Dwight M. Parker (I)

Bryan L. Collins (I)                       []

Suzy H. Kelly (I)                          []

Rebecca C. W. Adams (I)             [] (under constr)

Brian L. White (I)                         []

Scott W. Matheson (I)                  [] (not valid)

Tommy Hale Arrington III (I)      []

Rolelian V. Boone (I)

James T. “Jimmy” Coghlan (I)

Peter K. Conlogue (I)

Lonnie E. Craig (I)

Robert C. Ike, Jr. (I)

Burnie F. Mansfield, Jr. (I)

Michael P. Murphy (I)

Billy A. O’Connor, Jr. (I)             [] (under construction)

School Board Name Web Site

(5 positions)       Dr. Sheila G. Hill-Russ (I)

Harry A. Murphy (I)                     [] (under construction)

Michael J. Woods (I)

James A. Leftwich, Jr. (I)

Jack J. Bider (I)                             [] (not found)

Samuel L. Boone, Jr. (I)                []

Bonita B. Harris (I)                       []

Colleen C. Leary (I)

Robert G. “Bob” Robinson (I)

Christie New Craig (I)                  [] (under construction)

Victoria L. Profitt (I)


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